Programme at glance

  • November 2 before noon - Workshops
  • November 2  afternoon – Symposium: plenary session, Scand-LAS Annual General Meeting
  • November 2 -  Welcome Reception in the Energy Discovery Centre
  • November 3 - Symposium, parallel sessions on Animal Stress in LAS and Facility Management. Parallel sessions on Addressing the 3 Rs and Education & Training
  • November 3 - Exhibitors' Evening in the Creative Hub
  • November 4 - Symposium, parallel sessions on Analgesia and Anaesthesia and Research Ethics, followed by plenary session and the Closing Ceremony
  • November 4 -  Gala Dinner as a medieval feast in Olde Hansa restaurant

The programme for the symposium will focus on the following themes

  • Welfare and Laboratory Animal Science
  • Animal Stress in Laboratory animals
  • Facility Management
  • Addressing the 3Rs
  • Education and Training in Laboratory Animal Science
  • Analgesia and Anaesthesia
  • Ethics Research Committees